Free Crypto: How to get? – It’s possible!

It may happen that the computer is not powerful enough to mine cryptocurrencies or the person feels that to make up a rig of mining type is too complicated. But the idea of getting free crypto is strong and desirable. So, in this case there are ways out, which are listed below:

1. Make a download of the wallet with the free currency at the disposal. There are variants with built-in incentive for coin usage. While creating a new wallet, some small number of coins can be offered free with some promotion. You need to find a wallet with a decent market cap, for instance, Bitcoin. Some bonuses are offered resulting in a free coins of one kind or another. But among them it is possible to see scams, so getting sucked into hunting for a bonus is not recommended. It is possible not to gain coins, but even to lose some.
2. To search affiliate programs. Enrolling in an exchange or proposing correlating links to friends and acquaintances. Signing up using base of coins by means of the link with purchase of some 100 dollars, both have a right for another tenth worth of BTC. It is necessary to study the history of the company and its affiliate programs to trust it. For example, Coinbase is worth attention with good, stable functioning. But firms with no-name should be avoided.
3. Take an advantage of cryptocurrency faucet. The latter is a website which can serve for:
request of small amount of coins which are funded by donations and some absurd number of ads;
for clicking on ads and preparing surveys to give rewards in coins like additional option in the list.
4. Making this choice one must search for the faucet to work properly and jump through the hoops. There exist many tales of faucets functioning, but a number of them don’t work well. It is just for you to decide about their usage.
5. Getting free crypto with the help of clicking on advertisements and filling out surveys. Crypto is earned like making dollars by filling out certain surveys. It can be defined like a low-salary job. The real plus is the absence of “dress code” and no need of joining exchange deals or broker help. Again there is a need of attention: it is great to find the reputable firm to let people earn by ads clicking. Another variant of gaining free crypto – answering messages and completing tasks. The company normally presents you letterbox paid to let people turn to you. If you succeed, it is possible to give electronic mail in a public manner. There is no spam as senders are obliged to pay to have the message delivered. And the tasks completed for marketers and economic researchers for some exchange of small income.
6. Taking part in the game which can pay out in cryptocurrency. But the aim can be achieved, for instance, the Blockchain Game. It has more fun earning something, but again staring ads it is rather fatigue and time-wasting. This variant works theoretically in a rather neat way. Today playing free games watching advertisements and getting bonuses is popular. But as for many options, some price of a sort can be given.
7. Download publications on as this electronic source possesses its own cryptocurrency. The writers get the salary in Steemit while upvoting the posts. Also, there variants to win Unikoin Gold by arranging via correlating platform which functions in some countries.
8. Using services for free crypto that permit tips. For instance, Twitch can tip you in crypto. In this sense it is necessary to be sure that the platform lets you before the demand of the audience to tip. The rules are constantly changing, make sure to be aware of up-to-date rules.
9. Get some profit from goods and services. This activity is connected with the technical work involved, but the crypto is given for goods or some work, like art creation or arranging some function. One can be offered the currency in exchange of free circulation. Theoretically, coins can be leased to receive a small return. It is a kind of choice “to have money and to make money”, with efforts and time-consuming.
10. Coin mining. This variant can be interesting for active computer users for receiving free crypto by mining system. You need some certain amount of time and electricity. CPU or GPU clients will mine very few coins, but free, including free bonus, electricity and starting cost of hardware. Be careful with ASIC-based miner: it will work like a kind of hobby with money sinking.
11. Investment and trade operations with the currency described. With the time sitting on a coin, free money can be got essentially. Buying and selling with a high price, for example, using Coinbase and GDAX, will help you in this objective. Surely there is the opposite side – money losing. This is evident in terms of investments in an exchangeable asset. The activity is more complex than sitting on coin, but the work will be rewarding if there is a lucky mixture of work, time, investment.
12. Invention of your own crypto money. Maybe it is not extremely profitable, especially with existing of bitcoin and some others, but free crypto is guaranteed. It is even possible to have it exchanged with the other crypto of more attractive value offer. Today, besides, bitcoin, there arrive new and new alternatives, and some have already proved to be successful.
So, getting free crypto is not a myth. Nethertheless, attention and advice of experts are needed not only to win some coins, but to keep what you really have.

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