Cryptocurrency mining: how to choose right software?

“Cryptocurrency mining: how to choose right software?Programs for mining” is not the most widely discussed topic, but at the same time, it is an integral part of the process of cryptocurrency mining. What are the programs for mining and what criteria should be used for their correct choice? Let’s talk about this.

In recent years, the cryptocurrency topic has become increasingly popular. If before people talked about bitcoins and altcoins only with a small number of participators, then today they became known to the general public. More and more people, far from programming and trading, decide to save money in the hope of one day to break a big jackpot.
Those who cannot or do not want to buy cryptocurrency for ordinary money, choose an alternative way – to mine coins on a computer or a special farm.
What is cryptocurrency mining software?
Mining software is designed specifically for the production of cryptocurrency.
As you know, the essence of mining is to conduct mathematical calculations for the disclosure of new blocks of the distribution platform (for example, Bitcoin or Ethereum).
Simply put, you provide the system with your computing power and receive a reward in the form of coins. To quickly solve the problem, you need (a) good computing power and (b) high-precision computational algorithms.
The required power will be given by the processor, video card, ASIC or the farm as a whole. However, programs for mining are needed for the execution of calculations special. If the equipment is just hardware, then the programs are software that allows you to use the power of this hardware.
If you have already installed a powerful processor or video card on your computer, connected an apex or even use an entire farm, the following actions should look like this:
– Start a crypto-wallet, on which the extracted coins will drop;
– Download and install the program for mining;
– set the mining settings: the mined coins, the used equipment, and the current assembly capacity;
– Start the process of cryptocurrency mining.
What functions do the programs for cryptocurrency mining?
As we have already figured out, their main function is to perform calculations. However, with the disclosure of new blocks, mining is naturally complicated, so new requirements are emerging for equipment and programs for mining.
Not surprisingly, the developers are trying to improve their software due to additional functions. Among them are:
– “Overclocking” the video card (increasing the speed of its operation for more efficient mining);
– adjustment of used capacities;
– monitoring of equipment condition;
– adjustment of heating of video cards or processor;
– switching between equipment.
But, most importantly, the programs for cryptocurrency mining give an opportunity to make maximum use of the equipment’s power. Therefore, the correct choice of the program depends on the efficiency of the processor or video card.
How to choose a program for cryptocurrency mining?
First of all, you need to determine which cryptocurrency you are going to mine. The fact is that various algorithms have been incorporated into the mining of different coins. For example, Bitcoin works by Blockchain, Iota is based on the distributed Tangle registry, and the Monero uses the CryptoNight algorithm. Therefore, for the mining a particular cryptocurrency, there are different programs that are sharpened for the corresponding algorithms. Next, you need to evaluate the power of equipment for mining and choose a program that is suitable for the used hardware. The third important point is the type of cryptocurrency mining.
Mining on video cards, processors and ASICS, as a rule, uses different programs. There are also universal programs, but most of them are released separately for GPU-, CPU- or ASIC-mining. In addition to these basic criteria, you need to pay attention to other important parameters of the programs for mining:
– the possibility of mining various cryptocurrencies (some programs are sharpened for a specific cryptocurrency, others allow different coins to be mined);
– Convenience of the interface (intuitive graphic, which will suit even beginners, or console, where you need skills in working with scripts);
– availability of additional functions (heating adjustment, the ability to work in the background, automatic selection of computational algorithms, etc.)
If you are just getting started with cryptocurrency mining, choose programs with a graphical interface. Beginners work with it very easy: the information is entered in specially marked fields, and the mining itself is launched by simply pressing a button.
Popular programs for cryptocurrency mining
For greater clarity, let’s consider the most popular programs for cryptocurrencies mining, which have already proved their efficiency and have acquired their online communities.
CG Miner is one of the most popular programs for bitcoin mining, is suitable for mining on a processor or an ASIC. Its main advantage is high stability and efficient work in the background. In other words, you do not need to constantly monitor the work of the program. You started calculations and can do your own business. Nevertheless, it may seem very difficult for beginners. This is an option for experienced users who are accustomed to working with scripts.
Nheqminer is a complex console program that allows you to Zcash using a graphics card or processor. However, with CPU-mining, the load on the processor can reach 100%, because of what equipment often breaks down and goes out of order. Developers have still not been able to solve this problem, so it’s better to use the program for cryptocurrency mining on the video card. But keep in mind that this option is suitable only for experienced users who know how to work with scripts and are looking for a good program for Zcash mining.
Miner Gate is a universal and very easy-to-use program for the mining of 14 crypto-currencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Zcash, Monero. It features a convenient graphical panel and a built-in converter of virtual currencies. And also the smart mode in which the system chooses which cryptocurrency it is more profitable to mine right now. The program makes its choice based on the used capacities and the current exchange rate.
Claymore’s Dual Miner is a unique program for the simultaneous mining of the ethereum and one of four cryptocurrencies to choose from (Pascal, Decred, Lbry or Siacoin). Updated versions of the program are also suitable for mining Monero, Komodo, Zcash, and Bitcoin.
Diablo Miner is advanced software for GPU- and CPU-mining Bitcoin. The huge advantage of the program is to synchronize with the most powerful hardware, which directly affects the performance of cryptocurrency mining. However, given the complex console interface and the lack of any graphic components in it, the program is suitable only for advanced users.
Nice Hash Miner is a versatile program that allows running coins both through the processor and through a video card. The main advantage is the automatic selection of the optimal algorithm for the extraction of coins on existing equipment. The program is suitable for mining different cryptocurrencies, but all the coins that are mined immediately translate into bitcoins.
Awesome Miner is a functional program for professional miners working with several remote computers. Thanks to the built-in algorithm, the program monitors the most profitable currencies for the currency and can automatically switch the produced currency.
Therefore, we listed only the most popular programs for cryptocurrency mining, but now their number is hundreds. When choosing a program, remember that its role in the production of cryptocurrency is no less important than the role of equipment. Without special software, even the most powerful processor or graphics card is just hardware that affects the functionality of the computer, but it does not give any opportunities for earning on cryptocurrency mining.
There is another important point: the software affects the level of profitability of cryptocurrency mining. As practice shows, when using different programs, the efficiency of the same equipment varies in the range of 10-20%. That is, the correctly selected and configured program allows you to squeeze out the maximum installed capacity in the equipment.

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