Coin digital card: how to use it for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

The world of digital currencies has greatly expanded in recent years, and it is simply impossible to follow each of them. Some of them gradually leave and are replaced by others, and some branch out, giving users the opportunity to earn and make anonymous payment for goods and services. In this case, the owners of cryptocurrencies can make money transfers completely anonymously, but some systems allow signing contracts, which means that digital currencies can be safely used as an alternative to real money. So there are a lot of questions: “How to recharge a bitcoin e-wallet?”; “What kind of the currency exchanges exist?”, “How to buy cryptocurrency by the visa card?”; “Whether there are debit and credit cards with e-currency support?” For those who are not familiar with this topic, it is recommended to learn what cryptocurrency is in simple words first, and how to earn bitcoins without investments. However, in this article, types of a coin digital card will be examined, as well as their comparative analysis.
How to exchange cryptocurrency for money?
1. Personal exchange. However, there are difficulties with finding persons on the Internet who you can trust and rely on to make a procedure of such exchange.
2. Another option is exchanging Bitcoin for Paypal or another digital currency. As you know, you can use cryptocurrencies, including bitcoins, not in all places. Sometimes you are needed to make some additional fees for withdrawing funds from an e-wallet of electronic currencies to fiat.
3. Withdrawal to a bank account. This usually takes a long time.
4.Transfers of funds. Such withdrawal of money is faster than through the bank. However, often the commission in this case is higher, and the maximum possible withdrawal amount is lower than when using a bank transfer.
5. Coin digital card. It is a quite cheap and fast method in comparison with other ones. The coin digital credit card is usually supported by Visa / MasterCard platforms and may be used wherever such cards are accepted.
How to recharge, exchange, and buy cryptocurrency using a coin digital card?
In fact, people began to think over the issue of a coin digital credit card, with which you can replenish, exchange or buy bitcoins, in 2011-2012. But only by the end of 2014 the owners of cryptocurrencies still pleased with the release of a card connected with BTC. And the real boom began then. For today on the market, there are already about 40 companies, to which the holders of cryptocurrency can address.
Let’s see how the services that offer a coin digital credit card work.
To order a coin digital card issue, you need to go to the site of the service and place an order. The coin digital credit card will work in one of the payment systems: Visa or MasterCard. The card accounts are opened in one or several fiat currencies (dollar, euro) and cryptocurrency. Cards that have accounts in only a fiat currency can be recharged only after exchanging cryptocurrency for a fiat currency. If the accounts are opened both in the crypto currency and in the fiat currency. Users are able to automatically exchange within the system at the current internal rate. There is a standard package of services that provide services and establish commissions for the use of the system that are issue and reissue of the digital cards, replenishment of the account and withdrawal of money, conversion of funds within the system, change of PIN-code and balance request.
It is worth noting that the coin digital credit card is connected to the cryptocurrency account, which you open in the service and in which you have drawn up the card, and not connected to the cryptocurrency-address. Therefore, you have the ability to make payments and other transactions very quickly.
What is a coin digital card?
The goal of creating the coin digital credit card with the help of which could buy, change, pay for goods and services with the help of bitcoins, was the popularization of cryptocurrency among ordinary offline users. However, this did not happen. An ordinary housewife from Kansas, the same like a pensioner from Moscow, did not understand what bitcoins are and why they are needed. Nevertheless, among the Internet users, especially among those who are connected with earnings and investments in the network, these cards have become very popular. That is why the number of users of crypto-cards issuing services is increasing, and discussions of these services on forums and in thematic communities do not stop.
Why do bitcoin holders like the coin digital credit card?
After all, various exchanges have offered to change, buy and sell the cryptocurrency.
Well, firstly, the owners of coins are not only convenient but, perhaps, nice to pay lunch in a cafe or buy a football ticket using their account in the cryptocurrency.
Secondly, the use of the cards allows you to quickly change bitcoins to the Fiat currency without long transfers to the bank or use of another service.
It should also be added that some choose such coin digital credit card for the sake of preserving the anonymity of the owner because some of the services offer a coin digital card issue without verification procedures with the help of scanned copies of documents. However, the commission of such services is much higher.
Undoubtedly, the most significant advantage of using bitcoin-cards is simplicity and convenience of use, the ability to access funds at any time.
How does Bitcoin work?
Each Bitcoin card provider can assure you that its card is the most protected. You will figure out that the cards have few security degrees such as Chip and PIN. This refers to the issuer’s cards, which in turn has an agreement with Visa or MasterCard. But where is your money being before they reach your card?
There are three placements:
1) on your Bitcoin e-wallet. It can be a device, paper, desktop, mobile, online wallet with “cold” or “hot” storage. E-wallets are the least secure, and it is not advisable to keep a large amount of Bitcoin on them.
2) on an online account of the service that provides you a Bitcoin card. You will usually be asked to open an e-wallet, which you can refill Bitcoin and order a debit card. The amount that you have in your online account in the future can be displayed on the Bitcoin card of this service.
3) The balance of the card. The balance in dollars, euros or other currency of the card, which is ready for use in the Visa / MasterCard platforms with all standard commissions for withdrawal in an ATM, conversion to the national currency, etc.
Issuance of and buying bitcoin cards – a comparative analysis of the main players
If you want to order a card that will allow you to exchange, buy bitcoins and use them in everyday life, you should carefully study the basic services to provide these services. In order to make the right choice, it is better to conduct a comparative analysis than to decide which advertisement is more convincing. So, let’s look at the popular services for issuing cards linked to the cryptocurrency.
Here are a few payment systems that you can use to register a coin digital card and conduct transactions on your account:
– Advcash Service
– BitPlastic
The choice of the system depends on the purpose for which you choose the card, how often you plan to use it, and also with what amounts you plan to work with.
When choosing a coin digital card, you need not only pay attention to standard commissions but also carefully read the agreement. Some additional commissions for converting and servicing, paying, buying bitcoins with Visa and Mastercard cards may be established, and also rules for changing conditions service. In addition, we recommend that you study the reviews of cardholders and follow the updates of the service so that innovations and system changes do not come as a surprise to you. Undoubtedly, an Internet investor needs to know about various payment systems and cards attached to them. You will need it for investing in various Internet projects.

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